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There are several forms of acne scarring. It may take on the appearance of skin staining, redness, or purple discoloration. This is not true scarring, as true scarring, in terms of acne scarring, is defined as tissue loss. Healthy skin that was present prior to formation of cystic acne, leaving an unsightly divots or holes afterward, will be the focus here.

Tissue loss from acne may take on the appearance of abrupt, broad tissue drop-out, that looks rectangular, are called boxcar scars. Fine, pointed scars that resemble puncture wounds are called icepick scars. The last type, look like hills and valleys, and these are called rolling scars. They are defined in different ways because each type is treated in a different way.

Dr. Jensen performs the following surgeries for acne scarring:

Chemical Reconstruction of Skin Scars
Works well for icepick and small boxcar scars

Works well for rolling scars

Punch excision
Icepick scars

Punch elevation
Boxcar scars

Nocor needling
Works for rolling acne scars

Minimal incision facelift
Needed for extensive rolling scars

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