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Rosacea is a common disorder among adult men and women alike. It’s characterized by redness, bumps, and swelling of the central face. It may even affect the eyes and produce discomfort due to dryness with resultant irritation and redness.

If rosacea is left untreated, dilated blood vessels eventually become prominent on the face, and over time, persist.

A common burning or flushing sensation accompanies most rosacea when exposed to certain triggers, such as spicy food, warm beverages, red wine, and tomatoes. Various other triggers have been implicated, which can be discussed with the dermatologist.

It’s important to realize that rosacea is not just a disease of appearance. Most patients complain of stinging and burning from topical preparations and medical cosmetic products when applied to the face.

Because rosacea varies substantially from one patient to another, medical treatment and other measures must be tailored for each individual case. Schedule an appointment with West Valley Dermatology to develop a personalized management plan for you.

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