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Board Certified Dermatologist

Dr. Jesse Jensen

Meet Your Dermatologist

Dr. Jensen epitomizes excellence in dermatology, boasting a prestigious pedigree that speaks volumes of his dedication and expertise. Graduating within the upper echelon of his medical school class, he set the stage for a career marked by unparalleled commitment to his craft.

His journey through dermatology residency was nothing short of rigorous, traversing the corridors of learning at Michigan State University’s esteemed Botsford and McLaren hospitals. It was here that he honed his skills under the tutelage of seasoned mentors, immersing himself in the intricate art of diagnosing and treating a myriad of skin conditions.

With a meticulous eye for detail, Dr. Jensen approaches each patient encounter with precision and discernment, meticulously scrutinizing every nuance of dermatologic anomalies to tailor treatment strategies with utmost care and precision.

But his expertise extends far beyond the confines of traditional dermatology. Dr. Jensen’s pursuit of excellence led him to specialize in Mohs micrographic surgery, earning him a distinguished membership in the American Society of Mohs Surgery. This revolutionary procedure stands as a testament to his commitment to patient care, offering a tissue-sparing approach that not only minimizes cancer recurrences but also prioritizes aesthetic outcomes, as he seamlessly dons the hats of both pathologist and reconstructionist.

Furthermore, Dr. Jensen’s dedication to his craft extends to the realms of aesthetic medicine and laser surgery, where he has undergone extensive training during his residency. With him, patients can rest assured that they are under the care of a seasoned physician who possesses a comprehensive understanding of the skin and its intricate nuances.

In the capable hands of Dr. Jensen, patients find not only a skilled practitioner but also a compassionate healer who is wholly invested in their well-being. With him, they embark on a journey towards healthier, more radiant skin, confident in the knowledge that their care is entrusted to a true master of his field.