Meet The Staff at West Valley Dermatology

Welcome to West Valley Dermatology, where we strive to help our patients feel at home and comfortable in our clinic with our friendly staff. During clinic hours, our staff will be available to answer your questions, schedule appointments, or help you find our office. Get to know us, we're regular people, just like you.

See what our patients have to say

Great Doctors Have Happy Patients!
I highly recommend West Valley Dermatology. I have known Dr. Jesse Jensen for a number of years and I am very impressed with his kindness and integrity. He keeps abreast of the latest findings, and techniques and clearly explains your options.

Sarah - Cosmetic Dermatology Patient

My kids are always super nervous around doctors, but Dr. Jensen knows how to put them at ease. He has treated them for several skin issues with great success. I never knew a dermatologist could help with so many different problems.

Jeff - Father of Pediatric Patients

I am very impressed with Dr, Jesse Jensen. He is friendly, knowledgeable, articulate, considerate, and professional. I appreciate his willingness to explain clearly the options and procedures to me. Dr. Jensen is encouraging and reassuring in his interactions. I would gladly see Dr. Jensen again and will recommend him to others.

Lena Marie - Skin Caner Patient

You are in a good hands....