Meet the artist:

My name is Cassidy, born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah! I am a Licensed Cosmetologist specializing in Permanent Cosmetics. This includes Microblading, Machine Brows, Lip Blushing and Tattoo Removal. I’ve been a beauty guru for over 9 years and was fortunately able to turn a hobby of mine into a career that I love! I went through beauty school twice- the first time around I thought the beauty industry wasn’t for me. Who was I kidding? Being a part of the beauty community has been the best thing for me! I finally obtained my license during my second go around through Paul Mitchell. Since then I have been able to establish a successful PMU career and am now working out of a private studio at NPCA(the National Permanent Cosmetics Academy here in Salt Lake), and am also one of their master instructors for Saline tattoo removal. I was lucky enough to be able to obtain most of my Certifications through NPCA. The talent that is exhibited in all the educators there is top notch and I am absolutely thrilled to have learned from and continue to learn from some of the best artists in the state!
I enjoy connecting with and learning from other incredible permanent cosmetic artists and other partners in the beauty industry in general.


Lip Blush

Lip blushing is a form of semi permanent makeup lasting 2-3 years. Essentially it is a tattoo for the lips to help enhance the beauty of your natural lip color, improving shape, definging your borders and possibly creating the illusion of fuller lips. This treatment creates a very natural result once healed. Touch ups are recommended to keep results lasting long term.


Microblading is a form of semi permanent brow makeup lasting 1-2 years. When microblading, we use a very fine micro blade to create “hair strokes” in the skin to create a natural but more dense brow. The goal is to use your natural bone structure and hair stroke pattern to create the perfect brow for your face. Microblading is great for normal to dry skin types. Touch ups are recommended to keep results long term. 

Machine Brows

Machine brows are a form of semi permanent brow make up lasting 2-3 years. Machine brows are great for all skin types, and a wide range of techniques can be used depending on what look you desire for your brows. Nano strokes, similar to microblading, creates very thin and natural ahir strokes in the skin that blend seamlessly with your natural brow hairs. Shading is also a popular technique added into machine brow services to create density where you may lack natural brow hair. Ultimately, with machine brows, we are able to achieve any brow style you may desire. To list a few popular styles-nano strokes, ombre brow, powder brow, and combination brow (a mixture of hair strokes and shading)